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Problems our Wireless Trailer Board eliminates

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Safety Issues

When a patrol concludes that a vehicle needs to be towed, the patrol has to move from their safety position to the front of the casualty vehicle where the view of patrol vehicle is compromised. This leaves the casualty vehicle vulnerable to oncoming traffic. The visibility of the patrol vehicle is compromised further when the casualty vehicle is the same or a similar height as the patrol vehicle. Therefore, as the patrol vehicle moves to deploy the trailer and complete the tow the bright chevrons and flashing lights on the patrol vehicle may not be visible to oncoming traffic.

How does our Wireless Trailer Board eliminate safety issues?

This safety issue is eliminated by using our wireless trailer board kit because the casualty vehicle can be equipped with the trailer board imitating the patrol vehicle lights before the patrol vehicle moves from behind the casualty vehicle. This ensures any oncoming traffic can clearly see the rear end of the casualty vehicle and avoid collision before the patrol moves his vehicle from the safety position; during the process of deploying the trailer and loading the casualty vehicle; and when the patrol drives away.
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Problems with conventional cables

Friction from the cables laid over the casualty vehicles can cause wear and damage to vehicle paint work leaving a bad company reputation and liable to claims. If customers claim, depending on many factors including the extent of the damage and the type of vehicle paint, liability costs can be c.£250. This causing an unnecessary expenditure as well as a damaged reputation. The 7/13 pin core cables can slip and drag along the road. This frequent occurrence results in damage to the cable and failure of the trailer board lights. This raises additional safety concerns because faulty trailer boards and a dragging cable can be the cause of road traffic incidents.

How does wireless trailer board stop problems created by conventional cables?

Cables can slip and drag along the road causing damage to the cable and failure to the trailer board lights. As our Wireless Trailer Board Kit uses Bluetooth technology to transmit the signals and has been designed for durability and reliability it eliminates the problem of having bulky cables. Wireless trailer board is a safer, smarter and more reliable option.