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It’s competition time!

Have you used the Charge Pod (EV Boost) system on your patrol vehicle? If so, we want to hear from you!

All you need to do to enter is submit a photo of an EV being charged from your EV boost system and provide some simple details about why the EV ran out of power.

Once you have submitted your entry, you will automatically be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a box of sweets.

There is no limit on the number of entries you can submit. But it is worth noting that the more you enter, the greater your chances of winning!

Our team will then write up the details of your EV charge into news-like stories and publish them across our platforms.

Winners will be randomly selected on the 1st of every month.

By submitting your entry, you agree for Original Ltd to use the information in your entry form for marketing purposes. However, we WILL NOT share sensitive information, including patrol IDs, names, email addresses, or customer-sensitive information. If you require any further information, please get in touch with press@originaldesign.com.

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Running Out of Charge Stories

There have been many incidents where RAC patrols have attended to EV drivers who have run out of charge and required an emergency power boost from the Charge Pod system. Please view the collection of stories we have gathered below.

A Flat First Drive

  The Citro├źn Ami is an unapologetically quirky quadricycle that we will undoubtedly see more of in the coming months and years. Designed for use in bustling cities and towns, the Ami offers a more affordable way to go electric on four wheels. With UK regulations...

Charge Pod Delivers EV Emergency Charge to Stranded Electric Vehicle

A Mercedes EQB was out of charge and was left stranded in the middle of the road. With no charging station in sight, the driver called the RAC for assistance. Fortunately, the RAC have equipped themselves with the fastest and safest solution to this highly dangerous...

RAC Provides Critical Support to Electric Vehicle Fleets

  A transport and logistics company has added four all-electric vehicles to its low emission fleet. Whilst it is fantastic to see companies committed to drive their emissions down and commit to electrification, it is crucial that organisations are provided with...

Orange vans support green vans

  Fleets are crucial to the decarbonisation of the country as they present an enormous opportunity to scale the progress of electrification. It is widely acknowledged that the electric car market is experiencing profound growth with an estimated 400,000...