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The lightest, most compact 10kW generator the world has ever seen…

a revolution in power generation

Why was POWERGEN created?

We initially designed the generator for our 7.5kW Charge Pod system because this is the optimum power for a roadside AC charge and provides the best possible balance of cost, efficiency and charging time at the roadside. The Charge Pod system has therefore been designed so it is able to supply an EV with a full 7.5kW of power. For this level of power, a 10kW generator was required. However, ordinary generators which provide this level of power on the market are far too big and heavy for this application. As a result, we created a permanent magnet generator that weighs just 9kg, making it the lightest, most compact 10kW generator the world has ever seen.

Other applications

The technology used to create the generator can be used for other applications and power requirements. If you wish to discuss your project with us, or require further information or advice, we are happy to help.

Awards we have won so far