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Charge Pod Range

There are two Charge Pod systems currently available

The 5kW system

The 7.5kW system

12v battery charging module… Coming soon

The module will enable a lithium-ion battery wakeup call signal to be produced and have a controlled DC to DC battery charge for enhanced flooded, standard flooded and absorbent glass matt lead acid batteries. This means that Charge Pod can be used to charge the 12v battery on traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to provide an optional additional service from either your 5kW or 7.5kW Charge Pod.

What are people saying about our products?

Addressing a serious problem Charge Pod has sought to meet a distinct need that will only become more important as we move into the age of electric vehicles.

British Engineering Excellence Awards Judges

Charge Pod enables our patrols to help stranded EV drivers at the roadside with a power boost, equivalent to a top-up from a fuel can for a petrol or diesel car.

Chris Millward - Technical Development Manager - RAC

It was comfortably the most ground-breaking of all the submissions

Motor Transport Award Judge


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