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Our ultra-lightweight, portable electrical power unit

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What is Genset?

Genset is an ultra-lightweight, portable electrical power unit capable of delivering 7.5kW of power from a unit that weighs just 50kg. This highly efficient Genset is more compact, lightweight, and power dense than anything else currently on the market.

At the size of a standard microwave-oven, Genset has revolutionised mobile power generation and can provide power to anything with a minimum of 7.5kW of power, with a view of increasing this power output to a full 10kW. This encompasses a broad range of applications from providing a charge to an electric vehicle, providing power generation for crisis response teams, sport and leisure applications, standby domestic power for grid power distributions, or can support in-field power for military and defence organisations.

What are its applications?

Crisis Response Teams

Domestic Power

EV Charging

Military & Defence

Sports & Leisure

Why is our Genset unique?

By comparing our Genset to other market leading products you will see how the Genset surpasses the power-to-weight ratio of all other available products of this kind. This includes those power solutions which are battery or fuel powered.

Power: 2.2kW

Weight: 76kg

Volume: 165 Litres

Dimensions: L60cm / W50cm / H55cm


Power: 7kW

Weight: 118kg

Volume: 428 Litres

Dimensions: L85cm / W70cm / H72cm


Power: 7kW

Weight: 70kg

Volume: 378 Litres

Dimensions: L60cm / W35cm / H180cm


 Power: 9.6kW

Weight: 161kg

Volume: 672Litres

Dimensions: L100cm / W79cm / H85cm



Power: 7.5kW

Weight: 50kg

Volume: 79 Litres

Dimensions: L52cm / W39cm / H39cm


How does Genset work?

Three main components make up the Genset:

Wankel rotary engine

Direct drive 10kW generator

Power Electronics

“We chose to work with Original because they are continually adapting their products to suit our needs for the now and for the future. They are ‘out-the-box’ thinkers who forge collaborative partnerships to ensure companies are equipped with world-leading solutions.”

Chris Millward, Technical Development Manager, RAC.

Genset brochure

For further information about our pioneering Genset system, please download our product brochure here.