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Don’t tow it… charge it!

Charge Pod

Charge Pod is a multi-award-winning product and has been implemented onto some of the most prestigious roadside assistance fleets in the world. Charge Pod has gained a reputation of excellence in the automotive and engineering industries, attracting attention from the British Engineering Excellence Awards, Motor Transport Awards, UK Business Tech Awards, E-Mobility Awards and the Fleet News Awards.


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The combined weight of all components for the system is c.35kg, making the system incredibly popular with fleet operators and roadside assistance companies where space and payload are a key issue.



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The dimensions of the Charging box are 390mm x 252 x 185mm – This eliminates the need for specialised EV patrol vehicles, instead the system can be incorporated onto standard fleet vehicles that are currently in service.

100% duty cycle of power

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The system never runs out of power itself and is always available and ready to use allowing all EV power boost jobs to be completed, unlike alternatives like portable batteries.

What is Charge Pod?

The EV Charge Pod is a mobile electrical boost system designed to provide flat or severely depleted electric vehicles with a roadside power boost so they can be driven to the nearest static charging point rather than being picked up and recovered on a flatbed truck.

This highly innovative charging system has enabled fleet operators and vehicle rescue services to provide the same “out of fuel” service to electric vehicles as they would to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

There’s nothing else like it on the market.

Engine Mount Kit


RPM Controller

Charge Pod box