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Charge Pod Boosts EV Car batteries and RAC Membership Numbers by Addressing Range Anxiety Concerns.

This RAC customer was delighted to have made the well-informed decision to join the RAC for their “out-of-fuel” service to electric vehicles when the inevitable happened. After not being able to reach a functioning charging station before running out of charge, this EV driver was left stranded at the roadside.

After a quick power boost from the Charge Pod system, the Mitsubishi I-MIEV was provided with a 6-mile range, allowing the customer to get to a static charging point without the hassle of waiting for a flatbed recovery vehicle and being transported to a electric vehicle charging station.

The Roadside Patrol also testified how “easy and quick the Charge Pod solution is”. Not only does Charge Pod provide a quick and easy charging solution for the customer, but it saves the cost of a recovery vehicle. This small, compact, and reliable system is a fantastic solution to the range anxiety experienced by EV users on roads across the world.

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