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Zipcar are leading the charge across London, giving Londoner’s access to over 400 electric cars whenever they need them. As part of Zipcar’s customer service, they ensure their vehicles are charged overnight, so they have plenty of charge for when their customers use the vehicles the following day. However, after the vehicles have been used, they are regularly dropped off with very little charge remaining, meaning they are not always left with enough charge to reach a static charging station. This proved to be the case for two of electric rental cars at Zipcar’s storage facility at Heathrow airport.

Both vehicles were left parked just over the road from a static charging station but were completely flat and were unable to reach a power source, so the RAC were called to provide a power boost to the vehicles from the Original ADS Charge Pod system which are installed on standard RAC patrol vehicles.

Charge Pod once again proved itself to be the most suitable solution to this problem. For instance, some roadside assistance companies use flatbed recovery trucks to transport electric vehicles to a static charging station. In this instance, this would have been an incredibly wasteful use of resources and cause unnecessarily high CO2 emissions to deploy a large flatbed recovery vehicle to transport the cars over the road.


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