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An  RAC  customer was left stranded at their own home after purchasing a 2020 Porsche Cayenne e-hybrid 4 months ago. This patron had not charged the vehicle at all in this time, leaving the hybrid battery completely flat, so the RAC were phoned for assistance.

Thanks to the Original ADS Charge Pod system, the RAC were able to deliver a power boost to the hybrid from a standard patrol vehicle, giving the Porsche enough charge to be driven to the nearest static charging station.

Why was Charge Pod the best solution to this problem?

Flatbed recovery trucks are one alternative, however, this method is problematic not only because they produce a huge amount of CO2 emissions, but there are certain locations where a flatbed recovery truck cannot access, like a multi-storey carpark for instance.

Other solutions include portable batteries which pose the problem of being heavy, space consuming and cannot ensure enough power is provided to the electric vehicle to give it enough power to reach a static charging station.

Therefore, we designed a solution for the problem of flat and/or severely charge depleted EVs which is lightweight, compact and offers 100% duty cycle of power.

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