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Charge Pod wins Transport and Logistics Technology of the Year at the National Technology Awards.

The National Technology Awards, organised by National Technology News, seek to celebrate the pioneers of technology and encourage excellence. In the Transport and Logistics Technology of the Year category, the judges were seeking solutions which resolve ongoing pressures in transport, logistics and global supply chains. This category aimed to reward the most compelling technologies that herald a change in the way that people and goods can safely and sustainably be conveyed over distance.

Electric vehicles have become an integral part of modern transport. Now that the transition from internal combustion engine vehicles is well-underway, Original ADS and the RAC identified and addressed the need to create an out of charge solution at the perfect time. This forward-thinking attitude has been fundamental in supporting electric vehicle drivers. It is widely acknowledged that the charging infrastructure is still far behind where it needs to be, and we are seeing drivers run out of charge at the roadside before they have been able to reach a static charging station.

The only alternative solutions currently on the market for out of charge EVs are battery powered EV chargers and/or flatbed recovery trucks, both of which present problems when faced with a flat EV. For example, portable batteries only have a limited amount of power and may not have enough charge to provide the EV with enough power to reach a static charging station. This could therefore mean RAC patrols could be presented with the same problem they set out to rectify if portable batteries were used. Furthermore, portable batteries are far too big and heavy for use in a standard patrol vehicle. Flatbed recovery trucks are another potential alternative but they not only present roadside assistance companies with a far higher carbon footprint, but they cannot fit into space restricting areas, like narrow streets or multi-storey carparks.

Charge Pod is lightweight, compact and has 100% duty cycle, so it never runs out of power and is always ready for use, thanks to its engine-mounted generator. This design specification means that Charge Pod is an unrivalled solution to flat or severely charge depleted electric vehicles and is only becoming of more importance to the RAC. Winning this award adds yet another standard of excellence to this truly pioneering product.


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