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The Citroën Ami is an unapologetically quirky quadricycle that we will undoubtedly see more of in the coming months and years. Designed for use in bustling cities and towns, the Ami offers a more affordable way to go electric on four wheels. With UK regulations allowing 16-year-olds behind the wheel of the Ami, it will also provide a younger demographic with an introduction to electric vehicles.

The Ami has an unsurprisingly small 5.5kWh battery, providing the vehicle with a modest maximum range of 46 miles and a top speed of 30mph. However, many factors impact an EV’s achievable mileage, including the weather, driving style and payload. Therefore, vehicles with an already limited mileage may be at an even greater risk of running out of charge before they can reach a static charging station; this was the case for one Ami driver who ran out of power while test-driving the vehicle.

The vehicle achieved 40 miles before coming to a complete stop. The RAC responded to this case by deploying a standard patrol vehicle with the Original ADS Charge Pod system onboard. Charge Pod gave the car a power boost of 4 miles, enabling the driver to reach the nearest public charging station.

Charge Pod is a fantastic solution to the problem of flat or low-charge EVs. The system has been designed to be ultra-lightweight and compact, meaning it can be fitted into roadside recovery vehicles. Fleets like the RAC are, therefore, able to offer an EV charge at the roadside from a standard patrol vehicle. The fact that Charge Pod can be fitted seamlessly into existing patrol vehicles is a significant benefit when providing an out-of-charge service to EVs.

An alternative method of dealing with a flat EV could be to use a flatbed recovery truck. However, Citroen has designed the Ami for use in busy cities, and, as it is a compact vehicle, it can effortlessly drive through space-restricting areas. Therefore, if an Ami was to run out of charge in a location unsuitable for a flatbed recovery truck, roadside assistance companies must equip themselves with a solution which negates space. By installing Charge Pod, the RAC is effortlessly adapting to the transition to electric vehicles and maintaining its notorious reputation as a leading roadside assistance organisation in the UK.

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