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EV Live was back for another year at Blenheim Palace last weekend, showcasing some of the latest electric vehicles and offering experiences, education and entertainment focused on EVs and sustainable living.

Electric vehicles are now an everyday sight on roads in the UK, making it crucial that those who have or will be switching to EVs –whether for commercial or personal use– are supported now and in the future. We are proud to be among the companies working hard to provide solutions for those who have made this switch. Our Charge Pod and Genset products reflect these efforts. Blenheim Palace was the perfect opportunity to speak to other companies to discuss our development plans and see the positive impact of our products on the organisations we work with.

We were delighted to see our partners, the RAC, display their ability to support electric vehicle drivers at the event. A fundamental aspect of the RAC’s strategy for EV drivers is the implementation of Charge Pod into their fleet. Charge Pod has provided RAC vans with the ability to provide an emergency power boost to flat or severely charge-depleted electric vehicles that cannot reach a static charging station. We were pleased to see the positive reception the RAC received from the general public about our innovative solution to this problem.

Original ADS currently has development plans for a revolutionary portable power unit that will transform mobile power generation. Genset will be a fully portable power pack capable of providing an initial 7.5kW from a unit which weighs just 50kg. This groundbreaking development will therefore be lighter and more power dense than anything else on the market. Continually discussing this project with a range of organisations places us in a strong position to ensure we are meeting the new and emerging demands in the market.


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