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A Mercedes EQB was out of charge and was left stranded in the middle of the road. With no charging station in sight, the driver called the RAC for assistance. Fortunately, the RAC have equipped themselves with the fastest and safest solution to this highly dangerous scenario.

The vehicle ran completely flat, so the driver was unable to pull over in safe location. The RAC responded by deploying a standard patrol vehicle as a matter of urgency. When the patrol vehicle arrived the EV was plugged into the onboard Charge Pod system which gave the vehicle a power boost. Within 10 minutes the vehicle was provided with enough power to move into safe location. Charge Pod then charged the vehicle until it had enough power to reach the nearest static charging station.

Charge Pod is the most suitable solution to this problem for a number of reasons. Firstly, many vehicle manufacturers design EVs so that if they do become completely flat, they automatically activate the parking brake. Although this is a crucial safety function, it means they cannot easily be put into neutral so they can’t be lifted with an all-wheels-up trailer. Therefore, a power boost is required so that the handbrake can be released, and the EV can be moved/ driven. It is therefore essential to have a system which you can simply plug in and at a touch of a button allow it to charge the vehicle, it means that the patrol, casualty vehicle driver and any passengers can stand away from the road whilst the EV is plugged in and being charged.

Secondly, if a portable battery was used to deal with this problem, there is only a limited amount of power available. This means that there is an additional risk of the battery running flat before the EV has been provided with enough charge to move. Due to the size and weight of the battery packs, a non-standard vehicle would be required, therefore limiting the number of patrols able to help the customer. This could increase the time the customer/vehicle is left stranded in the road, which heightens the risk of road traffic incidents.

Charge Pod is the size of a standard shoe box and is powered by a vehicle-mounted generator, so it is always ready and available for use. Because of its uniquely small and compact size, standard patrol vehicles which are already in service can be equipped with the system.


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