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We are very proud to announce that our Charge Pod system (in partnership with the RAC) has made it to the finals of the E&T innovation awards for the Most Innovative Solution in Future Mobility category. The aim of this category is to promote excellence in travel, transport and movement of goods, with a focus on solutions which improve sustainability, efficiency and overall experience.

Electric vehicles are a fundamental aspect of decarbonisation efforts, but 58% of people regard range anxiety as a barrier to switching to electric vehicles. Original ADS and the RAC wanted to help people make this switch, so we created an innovative solution to range anxiety. This provides existing and potential EV drivers with the crucial reassurance they need that if they were to run out of charge at the roadside or reach a static charging that is simply not working, then the RAC are well-equipped to deal with this issue. We hope the creation of this remarkable product will encourage the uptake of electric vehicles and provide drivers with the crucial reassurance that the RAC are fully prepared to provide EV support.

We are very much looking forward to attending the awards ceremony on the 10th November at Hilton London Bankside.


Further information:

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