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Pioneering electric vehicle technology gets electric courtesy car back to car dealership.

Widespread adoption of electric vehicle technology is a very recent occurrence and those who have a lack of knowledge of electric cars may find themselves stranded at the roadside if they do not have an understanding of how electric vehicles work, as was the case for one courtesy car driver who was provided with an electric Peugeot 208…

Assuming the vehicle was a self-charging model, he was making full use of the courtesy vehicle and was unknowingly depleting the charge of the vehicle. By the time the EV user was making his way back to the dealership and when he was still 7 miles away from his destination, the vehicle battery was run totally flat, so he called the RAC for Assistance.

It took a total of 40 minutes to charge the vehicle up, so the vehicle had enough range to reach the dealership and get to a static charging point.

With the rise in EV usage, it is imperative that breakdown assistance companies are equipped with a convenient and reliable solution to the frequently occurring problem of flat EVs at the roadside.

Further Information:

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