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Flat hybrid taxi losing money by the minute is rescued by electric and hybrid vehicle technology installed on standard RAC patrol vehicles.

With increasing pressures from the government, EV taxis are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional gasoline run taxis in bustling cities like London, as an attempt to reduce pollution. But it is very well known that when taxis are unable to operate, they are losing money by the minute. That’s why companies like the RAC have taken the initiative to invest in crucial electric and hybrid vehicle technology and have installed our Charge Pod system onto their standard patrol vehicles currently in service. Charge Pod is a quick and easy out of charge solution for ALL electric vehicles stranded at the roadside.

This problem became a reality for one London taxi driver who was on his way to a charging point, when he ran out of charge. Luckily the RAC were able to get him back on the road and to the nearest fast charging point. This saved him from losing money unnecessarily by operating his gasoline engine and meant he wouldn’t be late for bookings later in the day.

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