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“We’ve turned our thinking into a reality – We are #1 for Electric Car Breakdown” – Paul Coward, Strategy and Insight Director, RAC.

Sales of full electric cars and of PHEVs each tripled in October 2020 versus the same month in 2019. Combined, they’re now one in seven of all the new cars sold, very similar numbers to diesels. For some brands, these statistics are even higher.

Considering the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads, it is essential that roadside assistance companies are able to support the changing requirements of modern roadside assistance. The RAC have addressed this need by installing the Original ADS Charge Pod to their standard patrol vehicles that are currently in service.

Charge Pod enables the RAC to provide flat or severely depleted electric cars with a roadside power boost so the vehicle can be driven to the nearest static charging point rather than being picked up and recovered on a flatbed recovery vehicle.

The Charge Pod system is lightweight, compact and offers 100% duty cycle which means the RAC are not having to compromise on the service they deliver to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and they are also able to provide this crucial support to EV drivers to alleviate range anxiety concerns. With this pioneering technology onboard, it is no wonder the RAC are #1!

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