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A transport and logistics company has added four all-electric vehicles to its low emission fleet. Whilst it is fantastic to see companies committed to drive their emissions down and commit to electrification, it is crucial that organisations are provided with the support they need as they shift from conventional internal combustion engines to electric. Thankfully, the RAC are prepared for any problem an electric vehicle fleets may be faced with at the roadside.

As we see the transition to electric vehicles, drivers are adjusting to this technology and the range variation of electric vans could mean that drivers find themselves caught short of a few miles. This was the case for this van driver whose vehicle claimed he had 4 miles of range remaining before coming to a complete stop on a hill when he was just 3.1 miles away from a charging station. The driver phoned the RAC for assistance.

The RAC deployed a standard patrol vehicle which has the Original ADS Charge Pod system installed, which provided the vehicle with a roadside power boost so the vehicle could be driven to the nearest static charging station with no trouble at all. One particularly significant specification of the Charge Pod system in this scenario is the fact that it has 100% duty cycle, so it never runs out of charge. Alternative methods of dealing with an out of charge EV, like a battery powered EV charger could have proved problematic. Battery powered systems only have a limited amount of power available, and when dealing with vans which have particularly large batteries, there is a high risk that the charger itself will run out of charge before the van has received enough charge to reach the nearest static charging station.

The adoption of the Charge Pod system into its fleet illustrates the RAC’s historic legacy of being at the forefront of offering solutions for all motoring needs and has proven their ability to adapt seamlessly to the biggest change the automotive industry has ever experienced.


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