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We are pleased to announce that we have installed the first of our revolutionary 10kW vehicle generators on to Isuzu D-Max’s for road testing purposes. This generator represents a truly remarkable achievement in mobile power generation. Weighing just 9kg, it is the lightest, most compact 10kW generator the world has ever seen!

Ordinarily, generators (including vehicle generators) use traditional wire technology to generate power. Our generator uses permanent magnetism as opposed to traditional wire technology in order to minimise weight and keep the generator as compact as possible.

This technology will be used as the power supply for our 7.5kW Charge Pod system which will provide flat or severely charge depleted electric vehicles with a roadside power boost so they can be driven to the nearest static charging station rather than being recovered with wheels off the ground and transported to a local charge point.

This milestone means it will not be long before the 7.5kW Charge Pod system is ready for installation across our customers’ fleets!

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