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Charge Pod Launches in Roadside Assistance Companies in the USA

Charge Pod Launches in Roadside Assistance Companies in the USA

The automotive industry is undergoing the single biggest change it has ever experienced. The transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric means that companies supporting motorists need to adapt to support the needs of modern-day roadside assistance.

Throughout Club Assist’s 30 years’ experience, evolving to the needs of customers has been a clear strength of the organisation. By adopting the Charge Pod system as part of their strategy to support electric vehicle drivers, it is clear that Club Assist’s notorious reputation of providing innovative solutions to roadside assistance companies is well deserved.

Charge Pod is a mobile electrical boost system designed and developed by Original ADS to provide flat or severely charge depleted electric vehicles with a roadside power boost so they can be driven to the nearest static charging station rather than being picked up and recovered on a flatbed truck. Charge Pod will enable Club Assists partners, the AAA and CAA, and in turn their 62+ million members to provide the same out-of-fuel service as they would to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to the growing EV market.

The AAA and CAA strive to offer competitively priced and value-added products and services that meet members’ evolving needs. We believe Charge Pod fits into this ethos seamlessly. At the size of a shoe box, Charge Pod can be installed into standard patrol vehicles which are already in service. This means that unlike battery powered alternatives, which take up that much room that a separate vehicle is required to transport it, Charge Pod can be integrated into AAA’s existing patrol vehicles. This keeps costs down enabling clubs to maintain a competitive price to offer their customers. Considering that 58% of people consider range anxiety as barrier to switching to electric vehicles, it is imperative that clubs address this concern and provide their electric vehicle drivers with the crucial reassurance they need to make the switch to electric with confidence. Furthermore, it puts clubs who install this system ahead of rivals as it shows they are responding to the changing needs of their customers, in the best possible way.

From the 5th to the 15th of September Original ADS deployed a crew to the USA to support the launch of this pioneering charging solution. For the first part of their visit, Original was supporting the installation of the Charge Pod system onto Club Assist and AAA vehicles in Philadelphia. We are delighted to report that the installation was a success. The team then accompanied Club Assist at the AAA CA Conference of Independent Clubs in South Carolina, who were on hand to answer any questions about the Charge Pod system. The team were pleased to report that they received promising levels of interest.

Lauren Saxton, commercial director from Original ADS said:

“It was a pleasure to support our fantastic partners Club Assist at the AAA CA Conference of Independent Clubs in South Carolina last week and it was great to be involved in the installation of the Charge Pod system into Club Assist vehicles in Philadelphia. Charge Pod is a truly ground-breaking innovation which has revolutionised mobile power generation. This means that Club Assist can provide clubs with a world-class product which surpasses anything else currently on the market due to the system being ultra-lightweight, compact, and able to offer 100% duty cycle.

“For electric vehicle drivers, this solution provides the crucial reassurance they need that if they are to run out of charge at the roadside, or encounter any problems with faulty charging stations, then they need not be left stranded. Charge Pod has proved itself it to be an essential tool in roadside assistance companies in the UK, so we are very excited to be supporting Club Assist as they introduce this product to the AAA and CAA.”

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