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Three miles from home and stranded!

After a long day at work, a driver of an EV Renault Zoe thought she had enough charge to get back home. Just as luck would have it, traffic was unusually busy. As a result of the constant stop-start traffic, the RAC customer was just three miles from home and from her charging station, when she was forced to pull over and phone for assistance as she did not have enough charge to make the rest of the journey.

Fast to the scene was a Roadside Patrol who was able to get the customer home in no time at all thanks to Charge Pod. Both the customer and Roadside Patrol were very pleased with Charge Pod, and remarked:

Charge Pod is a fantastic bit of kit and I’m really pleased with it, all I had to do was plug it in, press a button and let it to do its thing”.

Considering the circumstances, it would have been terribly inconvenient, wasteful, and unnecessary to get the customer home by means of a flatbed recovery vehicle!

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