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Charge Pod Provides First-Class Service to Flat Post Van During Coronavirus Outbreak.

The Royal Mail wants their fleet to become a net zero carbon business with a 100% alternative fuel fleet in the coming years and as such, it is essential that they have the best roadside assistance to deal with their substantial electric vehicle fleets.

The Coronavirus pandemic enhanced our reliance on services like the Royal Mail making it imperative these services kept up and running with the utmost efficiency. Charge Pod played an important role in making this happen for one member of the postal service.

When just 4 miles away from a Royal Mail depot, the individual was stranded at the roadside because the electric postal van had run out of charge.

The RAC patrol vehicle simply plugged the electric van into the Charge Pod system and was able to provide the van a 15-mile range; ample to get the individual back to the depot.

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, the alternative to the RAC patrol using a Charge Pod – sending for a separate flatbed recovery truck – would have used more resources and potentially meant an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission, given more people would be involved with the breakdown. Charge Pod enabled both workers to keep a safe distance from one another whilst the vehicle was charged.

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