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The Original ADS Charge Pod also known as RAC EV Boost and Wireless Trailer Board feature with the RAC on ITV’s current affairs series, ITV Tonight.

This episode named Cars: The End of Petrol and Diesel was created in light of the 2030 target for banning the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles.

During the programme, TV presenter Ginny Buckley set up a sequence where she deliberately ran an EV flat at the roadside to see exactly what happens to the vehicle and what kind of recovery is available for EV drivers.

Because the RAC are equipped with the Original ADS Charge Pod (RAC EV boost), they are able to deliver a power boost from their standard patrol vehicles that are currently in service due to the fact that Charge Pod is lightweight, compact, and offers 100% duty cycle of power.

This has proved to be an essential service for the RAC’s EV drivers as they have identified a trend occurring:

“Many of our patrols have been going to people at out of order charge points, so even if a person has planned their journey very carefully, they are frustrated that it’s not working”.

It is, therefore, critical that the RAC are able to provide a convenient out of fuel service to the growing number of EV customers.

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