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Portable electric vehicle chargers are an essential product as we move into the age of electric vehicles. Charge Pod continues to prove itself to be the best possible portable electric vehicle charging solution…

After hiring an electric rental car and depleting the charge on the vehicle to just a few remaining miles, the vehicle began to shut down. The EV driver then phoned the car hire company and requested assistance.

Knowing that the RAC were equipped with the fastest and most convenient solution to this problem on the market, the hire company selected the RAC to help their stranded customer.

The customer being extremely worried about transmission of Covid-19 and expecting a tow truck to arrive to transport both him and the vehicle, he was very relieved that the RAC were able to keep a safe distance whilst the Patrol plugged the EV into Charge Pod and allowed the vehicle to charge.

Charge Pod was therefore able to eliminate a risk to both breakdown assistance staffs and their customers which other alternatives like flatbed recovery trucks would simply not allow. This making Charge Pod a far safer solution in such circumstances.

The customer needing to get back to Heathrow to swap the vehicle, the RAC were able to provide the VW e-Golf with the 16-mile range needed.

Further information:

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