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As EV usage has grown, the need for portable chargers for electric vehicles have become increasingly essential for roadside assistance companies. Here is yet another example of when an EV driver has run out of charge and has needed to call on breakdown assistance company RAC to deliver an emergency power boost to an electric vehicle using our pioneering Charge Pod system.

After purchasing a Tesla less than 24 hours ago, a lady became stranded at her own home as she was yet to install an EV charging station for home use.

With the vehicle low on charge, she was aware that she did not have enough range to reach her local charging station, so she phoned the RAC hoping that they would be able to solve this dilemma.

After a power boost from the portable electric charger, Charge Pod, the Tesla was given 8 miles of range, enabling her to reach the charging station with no hassle.


Further information:

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