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Stranded at the airport until Charge Pod provides power boost to the flat EV enabling a family to reach the nearest electric car charging station 6 miles away.

A family about to go on holiday drove their Kia Niro PHEV to the airport. The battery of the hybrid became depleted on arrival as the family parked up in the airport carpark. Assuming that there would be a charging station at the airport and confident that the vehicle had sufficient range to reach the charging station upon their return, the family jetted off on holiday worry free.

However, neither of these assumptions materialised…

After a long and exhausting flight, the family returned to the car to find that the battery, after being left parked for two weeks, had gone completely flat. To add to the family’s misfortune, there was no static charging at the airport either.

The family phoned the RAC hoping they would be able to help. The family’s luck began to turn as the RAC sent a patrol vehicle equipped with the on-Demand Charge Pod solution, and after a simple power boost the Niro was able to reach the nearest electric car charging station in no time at all.


Further information: 

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