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The National Technology Awards are the most comprehensive celebration of technology, organised by National Technology News.

We are truly ecstatic to announce that in partnership with the RAC, our Charge Pod product has been shortlisted for another THREE categories at the National Technology Awards. The categories we have been shortlisted for are:

  1. Innovation of the Year
  2. Tech Company of the Year
  3. Transport and Logistics Tech of the Year

Being an engineering company, innovation and problem solving will always remain at the very core of what we do. When the RAC approached us with the problem of EV drivers running out of charge before they are able to reach a static charging station, we recognised that alternative methods (flatbed recovery trucks and/or portable batteries), were not only impractical and problematic for fleet operators for a number of reasons, but they fail to exploit technology to its full potential to provide the best possible solution to this problem.

We have designed the Charge Pod system so that it never runs out of power and is always ready and available for use. Additionally, Pod can provide as much charge as is needed to get an EV to a static charging station. Furthermore, the Charge Pod communication box has been expertly designed by our world-class team of Electronic Engineers who have made this element as lightweight and compact as a standard shoe box.

Charge Pod utilises pioneering technology like a revolutionary permanent magnet 10kW generator which weighs just 9kg, making it the lightest, most compact 10kW generator the world has ever seen, which in turn has meant that we have a fantastic solution which unlike alternative solutions, is fit for purpose and is the best way to deal with this problem on the global market. It is for these reasons we believe Charge Pod is a worthy contender for these awards and we are very much looking forward to awards ceremony on the May 26th!

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