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This driver had just picked up a hire car and set off on their journey when they realised that the vehicle had very little charge remaining. As a result, they proceeded on to the nearest high powered static charging station. However, the driver was not a regular EV driver and the charge depleted faster than they had anticipated. As they were wondering what to do when your EV runs out of charge, the inevitable happened…

When they were just 1 mile from a supermarket charging station, the vehicle ran totally flat leaving them stranded at the roadside so, the driver called the RAC for assistance.

The RAC were able to give the vehicle a quick and easy charge from the Charge Pod system installed on their standard patrol vehicles, enabling the patron to get to a static charging station in the safest and most convenient fashion.

It was incredibly fortunate that the RAC were able to provide this service because this EV operated a remote starting/keyless system, meaning it would have been unsafe to tow it and would otherwise have needed to be transported with all four wheels off the ground. In the current climate where both pollutants and social distancing are chief concerns, Charge Pod is the most practical and environmentally conscious solution available for roadside assistance companies for the problem or flat or severely depleted EVs.

So, if you are concerned about what to do when your EV runs out of charge, call the RAC for assistance!

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