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Portable EV Charging Products are essential to the future of electric mobility. That’s why we are delighted to announce yet another award win for our exceptional Charge Pod system at the E-Mobility Awards.

Charge Pod won the EV product launch category with the judges commenting that:

“Simple effectiveness won the day in the category for product launch. The award in this category goes to a very different concept that has customer service at its heart and offers real speedy roadside assistance for drivers of electric vehicles. It is the Charge Pod designed and developed by Original ADS for the RAC”.

The E-Mobility Awards concentrate on the electric vehicle sector, including any AFVs that use their fuel to generate electric power (car, vans, trucks). The awards also aim to recognise the developments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and equipment. The awards seek out ingenuity, innovation and achievement in these areas and bring together the talents of a highly expert panel of impartial judges to scrutinise entries.

Charge Pod is a truly unique solution to the problem of flat and/or severely charge depleted EVs on the global marketplace and has proved its use in the field with the UK’s number one company for electric car roadside assistance. To learn more about how Charge Pod surpasses its rivals and what other solutions are used to address the problem of flat or severely charge depleted EVs, click here.


Further information:

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For further information about the partnership between Original ADS and the RAC, including details of the how the RAC have implemented Charge Pod into their fleet, please refer to the following article on the RAC’s website: RAC exclusive deal will see hundreds more mobile EV charging vans on the road | RAC Drive