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All electric vehicle models have different charging requirements and react differently when they are flat or severely charge depleted. As more electric vehicles are infiltrating the automotive sector it is critical that we perform routine tests to ensure our pioneering Charge Pod system is fully operational on new and emerging EVs. This ensures the system is always able to charge ANY electric vehicle on the road. To support this initiative, several Shropshire companies have been providing Original ADS with their electric vehicles to test and analyse charging data of different electric vehicle models. We are delighted to report that data collection and charging tests conducted on all vehicles was a success.

Chief among those companies on hand to support Original ADS was Exocet – one the most trusted UK businesses in the fuel additive industry. Exocet’s mission is to enhance the performance of crucial operational assets to help businesses become far more efficient. They serve a multitude of industries including the automotive, industrial, marine, domestic, off-road, and static sectors. When hearing about the Charge Pod project, Exocet were keen to help Original ADS by providing several electric vehicles to charge and analyse charging data from. These vehicles included a Nissan LEAF, a Ford Kuga, and a Tesla Model 3. By supporting the Original ADS Charge Pod product, Exocet have demonstrated their dedication to support the enhancement of operation assets for the industries they serve. The Charge Pod system has fitted seamlessly into the mature vehicle breakdown market and has enhanced the capability of existing assets.

Another company keen to support our endeavour was Tibbetts. The Tibbetts Group of companies distributes an array of high-quality engineered components for the automotive, aerospace, construction, and industrial sectors. Engineering excellence and quality run through Tibbetts’ DNA and when they heard about the ground-breaking technology used to develop the Charge Pod system, they were happy to support a fellow engineering firm.

Charge Pod is notorious throughout the technology sector for its on-going contribution in alleviating range anxiety concerns – a significant barrier in the uptake of electric vehicles. We were therefore delighted when technology purchasing firm Ticknology UK Ltd were also keen to step up and provide us with more electric vehicles to test our system on.

In addition to the EVs mentioned above, tests were also performed on the IONIQ 5, Peugeot 2008, Mercedes EQ, Citroën E, the Corsa E, and many more! From a routine testing perspective, we consider this to be a success. We ran the Charge Pod system for 30 minutes per vehicle and were able to charge multiple cars back-to-back. In addition, we performed a rapid switch on and off to check the operating ability of the system.

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