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Car Valet leaves Customer with Flat Battery and in Need of Quick Charge to get to Nearby Electric Car Chargers.

During a routine car valeting service, the valet company shampooed the seats of a Nissan LEAF, after which they attempted to dry the seats by blasting the car heaters. As a result, the charge of the car was completely flattened. Not being near any electric car chargers and after making failed attempts to charge the car with use of an extension lead and a standard wall socket, the RAC were called to help.

The RAC were able to provide the perfect solution for the situation. The roadside patrol simply connected Charge Pod to the Nissan LEAF and after a quick power boost the LEAF was provided with 11 miles of charge, which was ample for the EV driver to get to a static charging station.

Further information: 

The problem of EVs running out of charge before they are able to reach a static charging station is an issue which we are seeing more and more of across the world. For more real life examples of thsi scenario, please click here.

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