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The general population have undeniable concerns about the charging infrastructure. For example, 38% of drivers say that they would not be able to charge at home. 53% of drivers say that they don’t think they would be able to make long journeys as easily in an electric car as they would in a conventionally fuelled one due to the limitations of the charging infrastructure. Furthermore, 63% of drivers don’t think there are enough public charging points. This means it is imperative that EV drivers are provided with the reassurance needed that if they were to run out of charge before they are able to reach a static charging station, then their roadside assistance provider is equipped to deal with this problem.

Charge Pod is a unique product on the global marketplace which has been purposely designed to provide an emergency power boost to a flat or severely charge depleted electric vehicle. Often referred to as the ‘jerrycan’ for EVs, this technically complex solution enables companies to provide the same out-of-fuel service to electric vehicle drivers as they would to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Our team of world-class electronic, mechanical and finite element analysis engineers collaborated their areas of expertise to design and develop an ultra-lightweight and compact charging system which never runs out of charge. Powered by a purpose-built vehicle-mounted 10kW generator, the Charge Pod system can be installed onto roadside patrol vehicles which are already in service, fitting seamlessly into an existing business model.

The multi-award-winning Charge Pod system is being rolled out across some of the world’s most prestigious fleets, helping them to alleviate the infrastructure concerns we are seeing across the population.


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