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Carwow  have conducted a series of ‘range marathon’ video features with  EVs to help people understand what range different electric cars currently on the market can achieve. Our Charge Pod system installed on RAC patrol vehicles can be seen in these Carwow videos.

In this particular video, the EVs were driven from London Gateway services, straight up the M1, with a diversion from where the vehicles were run until they had entirely flat batteries.

Carwow created a similar video last year and a key problem that Carwow identified was the lack of support available for EV drivers when they have severely depleted or flat EVs which were unable to reach a static charging point.

The Original ADS Charge Pod is proving itself to be an extremely popular solution to delivering charge to flat EVs because unlike any other solution currently on the market Charge Pod is super lightweight, compact, and offers 100% duty cycle of power. So, we enlisted an  RAC patrol vehicle fitted with our Charge Pod system to restart the flat EVs which were unable to reach a static charging point to show you the capability of our new system.

The Carwow videos featuring Charge Pod can be found here: We drove these new electric cars until they DIED! – YouTube