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Business trip becomes problematic when Kia Soul driver becomes stranded at the hotel

Imagine you are on a business trip and after a long and tiring journey you arrive at your hotel, plug your EV into the hotel charge unit ready for another journey tomorrow but the charging point fails. This inconvenience became a reality for one Kia Soul driver whose best solution was to phone the RAC for assistance.

Upon the patrol’s arrival the exhausted RAC customer received a quick and simple 30-minute charge from our Charge Pod system and was able to get to another static charging point nearby with little inconvenience or hassle. Relived at the stress-free solution, the businessman was able to get back to the hotel and continue his evening as planned promptly. Commenting on how he was dreading the alternatives to Charge Pod, the businessman explained he was…

“…concerned that I would have to wait for a  flatbed recovery vehicle to transport myself and the car to another charging station, I’m so glad the RAC have this great alternative, it made my evening considerably easier than I initially thought it would be”.

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