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“A really pioneering and innovative solution. I was particularly impressed with the aspects here around partnership working with the RAC, and how you overcame challenges in solution options, weight, space, variables in the EV market and overcame them yourself through great product development. A noteworthy initiative for a significant entry barrier in the EV market and what will surely become a valuable ‘expected’ service. Pleasing to see the industry recognition already received from the BEEA Judges”. -UK Business Tech Awards.

The UK Business Tech Awards celebrate the UK’s finest tech businesses and rewards innovative and exceptional application of technology to transform and grow businesses. We are delighted to have received national recognition by receiving the silver award for the Transformation Through Technology category.

In this category, the judges were seeking to recognise a company or organisation who have successfully transformed an element of their business or operation through successful application of technology. The judges were looking for demonstrable evidence and results of real, quantifiable transformation through innovation.

Now that the use of EVs has significantly increased, Charge Pod has proved itself to be an essential product to the RAC’s fleet. Charge Pod allows patrols to deliver an emergency power boost to a flat or severely charge depleted EV from standard patrol vehicles already in service. Being lightweight, compact and offering 100% duty cycle, this means that the RAC are still able to deal with all other problems they encounter at the roadside on a daily basis without compromising space and payload of the patrol vehicles.

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