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It was great to be apart of the fantastic Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged Live show in Farnborough from 3rd-5th September with our incredible partners, the RAC.

Fully Charged Live was created by TV personality, Robert Llewellyn (from Scrapheap Challenge, Junkyard Wars and Red Dwarf), the three-day event showcased a host of quality outdoor exhibits and attractions including two live theatres, over 100 EVs and over 100 exhibitors of clean energy and EV related technologies.

We were on hand along with various members of the RAC to answer crucial questions about what happens if EV drivers run out of charge before they are able to reach a static charging station.

The solution is the Original ADS Charge Pod system. Charge Pod is often considered as the ‘jerrycan’ for EVs. Its purpose is simply to provide flat or severely charge depleted EVs with power boost delivered from a standard patrol vehicle so they can be driven to the nearest static charging station rather than being picked up and recovered on flatbed recovery truck.

Charge Pod is being rolled out across the RAC’s fleet and will be installed on one in five RAC patrol vans by 2022. Thus, providing the crucial reassurance to EVs drivers that help is on hand should you be unlucky enough to reach a charging point that isn’t working or to run out power and be left stranded.

It was wonderful to have such a great reception from the public and fleet operators on how our pioneering Charge Pod system has enhanced the capability of the RAC’s fleet.


Further information:

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