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The Electric Vehicle Market is Seeing a Sharp Rise in Flat Rental Cars at the Roadside.

With legislation beginning to favour the use of electric vehicles for environmental reasons, some rental car companies are working towards becoming fully electric by 2025 but a number are already making extensive use of electric vehicles. A problem with how such companies operates however, is that when their customers are finished with the EV there may be very low range left on the vehicle, making it potentially unable to be driven to the nearest static charging station before the charge of the car becomes fully depleted.

This problem became a reality when a RAC Roadside Patrol was called out to a hired VW e-Golf that had very little charge left, and the two nearest charge points were being used and the vehicle would not have made it back to head office. Luckily the RAC were equipped to deal with this problem, thanks to the Original ADS Charge Pod system. After a quick charge from the Pod, the vehicle was provided with enough charge to reach the car company’s HQ.

With the electric vehicle market anticipated boom and the clamp down on emissions within cities, it is essential that breakdown providers are equipped with a quick, on-demand and effective roadside solution to provide an EV power boost. Charge Pod is the only solution on the global electric vehicle market which is truly fit for purpose because it is lightweight, compact and offers 100% duty cycle, so it will never run out of charge and is always available for use.

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