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It is known all too well that the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is problematic and contributes greatly to the range anxiety fears experienced by the general population. According to a report conducted by the RAC, 58% of people in the UK consider range anxiety as a barrier to switching to an EV.

This is a perfectly reasonable concern seeing as some studies are suggesting that Britain only has 15% of the electric vehicle charging points required to meet its climate targets by 2025. So as more and more EVs are making their way on to our roads, we are seeing more EV drivers being left with flat or severely depleted EVs all over the country through no fault of their own.

This was the case for one EV driver earlier on this week who encountered problems with the electric vehicle charging infrastructure…

A Motability Operations customer driving a VW ID3 arrived at an EV charging point only to find that it was broken. The EV driver then did not have enough charge to reach the next nearest charging station, so he called the RAC for assistance.

To the customers relief, the RAC were able to deal with this problem in the most efficient way possible, thanks to the Original ADS Charge Pod system. Charge Pod was able to deliver an emergency EV power boost to the ID3 providing it with an 8-mile range, enabling the vehicle to be driven to the nearest functioning static charging station.

Further information:

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