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On average, the UK alone records approximately 827,000 cases of breakdowns because the driver had run out of fuel each year. Omitted from these statistics are people who may have called on friends, family or colleagues to provide a jerrycan of fuel and been topped up from the roadside that way. This means that in reality, this statistic is far higher. So, as the use of EVs is increasing it is imperative that a quick and simple solution is readily available.

The EV Charge Pod is a mobile electrical boost system designed and developed by Original ADS at the request of the RAC to provide flat or severely depleted electric vehicles with a roadside power boost so they can be driven to the nearest static charging point rather than being picked up and recovered on a flatbed truck. Charge Pod has enabled the RAC to provide the same “out of fuel” service as they would to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to the growing EV market. Charge Pod is the only suitable solution to this problem currently on the market because the system is…


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