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We are pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with the  RAC which means the RAC is the only breakdown assistance company in the UK supplied with our pioneering Charge Pod system.

“As a result of the exclusivity agreement the RAC plans to have 200 vans equipped to boost out-of-charge EVs by the end of 2021, with a further 120 coming online in 2022.”

It is incredibly exciting to be working in partnership with one of the UK’s most progressive motoring organisations and to have provided the company with a truly world leading solution which is not only absolutely fit for purpose, but it is, what we believe to be, the best solution on the global market to this problem.

We are also looking forward  to seeing the Charge Pod system being implemented into other fleet operators across the country and the globe. We trust this deal with the RAC displays that we are a capable company able to deliver, support and produce world-class products.

RAC chief operations director James Knight said:

We were very proud to be the first breakdown company to launch a solution at scale to help out-of-charge EV drivers, and we’re even more delighted to be the only roadside assistance company in the UK that can use this pioneering British-designed technology.

“It means within minutes of arriving with one of our EV customers, our expert patrols can plug in and get the car topped up enough to be driven a short distance home or to a nearby chargepoint. We believe it’s faster, more efficient and better for the planet than having to send a big flatbed recovery vehicle or a van full of batteries.

“And, if a customer breaks down in an EV for another reason our patrols have more unique equipment in their vans to help. If they can’t fix the fault there and then, they can tow it themselves with our All-Wheels-Up recovery system meaning there’s no need to wait for a tow truck. It’s like having a flatbed in the back of an RAC van.


Further information about the Charge Pod system can be found here.

Read the RAC’s press release