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The EV Charge Pod

Our flagship product is the EV Charge Pod mobile generator which has been developed to meet the demands of the rapidly growing electric vehicles (EVs) market.

Extremely popular with fleet operators and vehicle rescue services due to the system being  lightweight, compact and offering a 100% duty cycle of power.

There’s nothing like it on the market today.

What is it?

Weighing just 37kg, the EV Charge Pod is an IP-rated, CE-marked mobile electrical boost system designed and developed by Original ADS to give EVs with no power enough charge so they can be driven to the nearest, static charging point eliminating the need for costly tow trucks.

While we are continually improving performance levels, the latest figures show that after just half an hour the EV Charge Pod can provide 6.5 miles of travel for a 23kW vehicle (such as a Peugeot Partner), 5.5 miles for a 40kW EV (eg Nissan Leaf, VW Golf) and 4 miles for a 90kW vehicle (Jaguar iPace or Tesla).

Why is it ground-breaking?

Most other mobile electric vehicle power-boost systems rely on heavy, costly, and bulky batteries which when depleted of charge take up valuable space inside the patrol vehicle.

As the Charge Pod system only takes up 50cm of space it eliminates the need for specilised EV patrol vehicles – instead the system can be incorporated onto standard fleet vehicles and as it never runs out of power itself it’s always available for use.

Most modern EVs have on-board software systems that carry out a variety of electronic ‘handshakes’ before the vehicle can accept a charge. Unlike the traditional ICE engines you cannot simply arrive with a ‘jerry can‘ of power.

Traditionally, when an EV runs out of charge the only option is to put the vehicle on a low-loader and transport it to the nearest garage or charging station which can be extremely costly and inconvenient.

By 2040 there will be around 300 million EVs on the road, representing half of all vehicles, meaning the EV Charge Pod is not only ahead of its time but represents the future in EV charging and recovery.

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