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The Fully Charged live show is the world’s number one clean energy and electric vehicle show which returned to Farnborough on Friday 28th April through to Sunday 1st May. This three-day event showcased a host of quality outdoor exhibits and attractions including live theatres with speakers from across the industry, over 100 electrified vehicles, thousands of electric car test drives, and over 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest clean and electric vehicle related technologies.

Amongst those 200+ exhibitors were the RAC, who were displaying all of their electric capabilities. For example, the Renault Zoe e-tech van represents Britain’s first all-electric breakdown van. Also on display was the UK’s second all-electric patrol vehicle, the Maxus e-deliver. Excitingly, the Maxus will be attending to breakdowns at the roadside in the very near future.

People attending the Fully Charged event were extremely impressed with the steps the RAC are taking to reduce their environmental impact, but they were also interested to learn more about the support the RAC offer to electric vehicle drivers and why it surpasses alternatives available on the market.

Considering the problems with the charging infrastructure, people are concerned about the possibility of running out of charge before they are able to reach a static charging station. Fortunately, the RAC have anticipated this problem and have installed the pioneering Charge Pod system onto their patrol vehicles. Charge Pod is a lightweight and compact EV charging system, designed to provide a quick power boost to a flat or severely charge depleted electric vehicle, so it can be driven to the nearest suitable charging point.

As highlighted by the countless awards proudly displayed by the RAC at Fully Charged, Charge Pod is notorious for being the best possible solution to the problem of out-of-charge EVs. Charge Pod’s awards portfolio includes the country’s most prestigious engineering and technology awards right through to outstanding application of this remarkable technology within the fleet sector.

It is great to see industry leading companies like the RAC doing all they can to reduce the environmental impact of their own fleet, as well as adopting the best technology to support the uptake of electric vehicles by enhancing the capability of its fleet.


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