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Charge Pod saves rental car user who is unable to find EV charging station amidst Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara brought chaos to Britain, exposing the UK to torrential rainfall, hailstones, sleet and wind speeds reaching up to 90mph. For commuters, and those needing to travel, getting out and about was not an easy endeavour with train cancellations, business closures and regional floods. But for some, travelling was essential.

This was the case for one rental car user, who rented an electric VW e-Golf. After completing the necessary journey, this EV user was unable to find an EV charging station as he was unfamiliar with charging infrastructure in the area.

After calling for assistance from the RAC, the freezing cold and rain-soaked customer was relieved that the RAC were able to get a patrol vehicle to assist. After a quick and easy 20-minute charge from our Charge Pod system, the customer was able to get on his way and back to a warm and dry abode.

In potentially dangerous weather conditions like this, it is essential that breakdown assistance companies are equipped with the tools that will enable them to provide a quick and easy solution to customers, and we believe our Charge Pod system is the best solution to this problem on the global market.

The problem of EV running out of charge and being left stranded at the roadside is becoming a frequent occurrence on roads across the world. To read more real-life examples of when EVs have run out of charge, click here.

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