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The RAC has further developed its long-term relationship with Renault UK by winning the contract to provide roadside assistance for all its brand-new electric vehicles (EVs) as well as all those EVs still covered by its three-year warranty.

From 1 July, every battery electric Renault  vehicle sold or under warranty in the UK, including the extremely popular Zoe E-Tech 100% Electric and the eye-catching Twizy models along with the Kangoo E-Tech van, will be covered by the RAC should they encounter anything unexpected on the road.

Renault’s decision to appoint the RAC as its breakdown partner is a move away from the previous model which was primarily centred on recovery of vehicles as opposed to roadside repairs. With the RAC’s proven, long-term track record of fixing four out of five vehicles, the company is confident of being able to dramatically improve the overall experience for Renault’s customers who require roadside assistance.

The new contract is further recognition of the RAC’s market-leading position when it comes to supporting drivers of electric vehicles. Its pioneering EV Boost van-mounted chargers are now seen as the modern-day equivalent of the fuel can for drivers who are unfortunate enough to come across an out-of-order charge point or who miscalculate their journey and run out of charge. In addition, the RAC All-Wheels-Up recovery system, which is now fitted to the majority of patrol vans, can easily be used to tow an electric car safely with all four wheels off the road, saving customers having to wait for a separate flatbed truck.

Prior to taking on roadside assistance for Renault EVs, the RAC had already been looking after all the manufacturer’s new petrol and diesel cars since 2013. In addition, the RAC has been responsible for running the Renault, Dacia and Alpine customer contact centre since last year.

RAC head of OEM Roadside John Ellis said: “We’re very proud of our longstanding relationship with Renault and even prouder to have taken it a step further by being awarded the contract to provide roadside assistance for all its new and warrantied electric vehicles.

“While this currently covers the Twizy, the Zoe car and van, and the Kangoo van, many more exciting vehicles are on the way in the form of the Megane E-Tech and the Master E-Tech van, but perhaps most notably the return to our roads of the incredibly iconic Renault 5 in electric powertrain format.

As number-one for EV breakdown we’re ideally placed to come to the aid of any of Renault’s customers who might need help at the roadside. Should a driver accidentally run out of charge or be disappointed to find a public charge point that’s not working, we’re ready to help thanks to our lightweight, engine-driven RAC EV Boost charging system – technology that will be fitted to one in every five RAC patrol vans by the end of next year. And, if customers end up stranded for some other reason such as a double puncture or a suspension issue, our patrols can use the All Wheels Up recovery system to rescue them, which means they don’t have to wait for a flatbed to attend.”

Mark Thomason, Director of Quality & Service at Renault UK, said: “I am extremely pleased that we’re able continue to develop the services we offer for our customers with our long-term partner, the RAC. Together we are working hard to ensure all the key elements are in place to provide our customers with a seamless ownership experience, whether that be EV, Hybrid or ICE Renault vehicle”.

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