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After buying a brand new electric car and wanting to head off on a family outing with a full vehicle, the EV owner consulted a charging map app to get to the nearest static charging station so they could charge the car before setting off on their journey. However, after reaching two static charging stations, neither were operational.

With only 1% battery charge remaining, the family were unable to reach a functioning charge point, so they called the  RAC for assistance.

After receiving a boost from Charge Pod, the vehicle had 5% charge so the family were able to get to a fast electric car charging station before heading out on their journey and were very relieved that the  RAC were able to offer a stress-free solution. Charge Pod allowed for social distancing, saved the need for the unnecessary costs and emissions that a flatbed recovery truck would have caused, and was a far more suitable for the circumstances of this situation.


Further Information:

Charge Pod has become a crucial product for the RAC which will only become more important as more EVs come on to our roads, which is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem. To read more real life examples of EVs running out of charge, click here.

To find out more about the alternative solutions to Charge Pod and why Charge Pod is the most practical solution to the problem of flat or severely charge depleted EVs, click here.

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