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The driver of a 2014 Nissan LEAF got locked in a carpark, and as she was waiting for the carpark to reopen, she kept her car running with the heater turned on to keep warm. By the time the carpark opened, she realised that she did not have very much charge left so she drove to the nearest charging station at a nearby supermarket. However, when she reached the electric car charging point, she found that the charge point was not working. Not having enough charge to reach an alternative charging station, she called the RAC for assistance.

The RAC were able to deliver a roadside boost to the EV, thanks to the Original ADS Charge Pod solution. Charge Pod is a lightweight and compact system which offers 100% duty cycle of power, meaning it provides companies like the RAC with the perfect “out of fuel” service for their growing number of EV customers.

The occurrence of problems with electric charging points is a frequent issue for EV drivers. This results in many drivers being left stranded with very little or no charge to reach an alternative electric car charging point. This makes it imperative that companies who deal with EVs are able to provide the best possible solution to their customers.

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