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After purchasing a brand-new electric car just 2 days ago, this EV driver was yet to obtain the electric car charge cards required to charge electric vehicles but was advised at the dealership that this would not be an issue as most charge points accept credit/debit cards to pay for the electricity. However, this was not case, and the driver failed to find a charging station which accepted payment from a credit/debit card before running out of charge.

After struggling to find a charging station which would accept a bank card payment, the driver was left stranded at a charging station, so he called the RAC for assistance.

Being armed with the Charge Pod system, the RAC were able to get the driver to a suitable static charging station promptly. Charge Pod is a lightweight and compact system offering 100% duty cycle of power which enables companies to provide an “out of fuel” service to EV drivers.

Now that the electric vehicle market is gaining momentum, misinformation about the charging infrastructure is likely to be problematic until people become more familiar with the technology. This makes it even more imperative that EV drivers are provided with the support they need during this transitional period.

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