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Charge Pod Saves Stranded Family of Tourists on Christmas Day in Dublin.

On Christmas Day in Dublin, a family of tourists were driving an EV Nissan LEAF where the charge of the car had become depleted to just 6% charge. Being totally unfamiliar with the surrounding area, the location of a static charging station was unknown to the driver, and with three young children as passengers onboard, range anxiety started to occur. The stranded family had no choice but to pull over and phone for assistance. To the family’s rescue was the driver of an Aviva Insurance patrol vehicle who had the capability in his vehicle to offer a mobile EV charge boost.

Charge Pod was able to swiftly get the family on their way after a quick and easy charge. The family were delighted that they were not going to be spending Christmas Day stranded or waiting for a recovery flatbed truck to transport the EV (and the 5 passengers) to a static charging station. Instead, they were able to continue their festivities promptly thanks to our simple but effective solution.


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