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After recently purchasing a Nissan LEAF, this EV user thought he had more than enough mileage to reach his nearest static charging station.

However, when the LEAF driver reached the destination, there was no charging point in sight, so he had no choice but to carry on and drive to another. Becoming increasingly concerned about running out of charge and being left stranded, the driver just managed to reach the second charging station, but, as fortune had it, there was no charge lead. Being left wondering how he was going to get to another charge point, he phoned the RAC for assistance.

The RAC patrol arrived and gave the Nissan a boost from the Charge Pod system, which provided the EV with a 10-mile range. Still concerned about being unable to reach a functioning static charging station in case of any further problems, the RAC patrol escorted the driver to the nearest charging point. Luckily, this charging station was fully equipped enabling this EV user to successfully charge his car without any further assistance.

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