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The 2022 UK Business and Innovation Awards aim to celebrate the remarkable resilience, ingenuity and innovation of the heroic business professionals of the covid era who have pivoted, pioneered and persevered in an unpredictable age. These awards believe quick thinking, adaptability and creativity truly deserves recognition.

In partnership with the RAC, we are delighted to announce that our Charge Pod product has made it to the finals for the Best Use of Technology (B2B) and the Best Product Development Innovation categories.

The automotive industry is undergoing a period of profound change as the world begins to phase out traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and switch to EVs. As of today, there are approximately 370,000 electric cars (EVs) and 710,000 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) on the road in the UK and these figures are set to rise substantially in the coming years. Some studies have estimated a third of UK drivers will own a fully electric vehicle by 2025. This technological change is daunting for many as an estimated 58% of the population consider range anxiety as a barrier to switching to electric vehicles.

Charge Pod is a truly innovative solution which seeks to alleviate range anxiety concerns by providing an emergency power boost to flat or severely charge depleted electric vehicles enabling them to be driven to the nearest static charging point rather than being picked up and recovered on flatbed recovery truck. Charge Pod is often considered as the jerrycan solution for EVs. However, unlike a simple jerrycan filled with petrol or diesel, a far more complex engineering knowledge is required to provide an ‘out of fuel’ service to an EV. By using pioneering technology -including the creation of the world’s lightest, most compact 10kW generator- Original ADS and the RAC have been successful in creating a solution which is being rolled out across the RAC’s fleet.

With many individuals and companies using electric vehicles, Charge Pod has proved itself to be an essential product to the RAC’s fleet and has been key in enabling the vital services of the country to be kept operating even in the challenging circumstances the covid era has presented us with.

We believe our title of ‘finalists’ at the UK Business and Innovation Awards reflects the forward-thinking, adaptable and innovative business mindset of both Original ADS and the RAC.


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